Data Science Bootcamp Invitation

Need a Bootcamp Invitation Letter for your Visa?

We hold our bootcamps all over the world and have successfully trained more than 820 industry clients in all aspects of data science analytics. Our client base is very diverse ranging from Fortune 500 companies to little start-ups with matching potential. Training more than 4,000 attendees who come from distinct backgrounds, including software development, management consulting, medicine, education, project management, public service, finance, non-profit, mining, oil and gas, and more.

Obtaining a visa is the responsibility of the attendee. While we cannot help you get a visa, Data Science Dojo can help international attendees by writing an invitation letter or letter of acceptance into the program with the dates, location, and cost of the bootcamp training.

Date: [Insert Date]

Name: [Attendee Name]

Subject: Invitation to Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp

On behalf of the sponsoring organization, Data Science Dojo, we would like to invite you to join our Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp, a five-day comprehensive introduction to data science and data engineering in [Bootcamp Location ].

The bootcamp will be held this [Start Date to End Date] at the [Bootcamp Venue]Please note that all expenses related to attendance (e.g. travel, lodging, etc.), including visa requirements, are the responsibility of the attendee.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

We hope to see you at the Bootcamp!

On behalf of Data Science Dojo,

[Data Science Dojo Staff  Signature]


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