Seattle Meetup | Introduction to Natural Language Processing

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This talk is an introduction to Natural Language Processing and its parent areas of Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics. We will discuss real use-cases of NLP in the world today – starting with the core technology, and how that core technology is applied to solving real-world problems. We will focus on the following 3 topics in NLP:

1) Language Models: Used for auto-complete in text, translating from one language to another

2) Part of Speech: Used for keyword extraction, parsing

3) Word Embeddings: Used as a thesaurus, topic identification

Presenter Bio:
Dr. Rutu Mulkar is the founder of Hunchera, and previously the founder of Ticary Solutions (acquired by Sigmoidal). She received her Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing from USC and has contributed to IBM’s Watson system that defeated humans in Jeopardy!

She is interested in solving problems related to Natural Language Processing, specifically – Topic Modeling, Recommender Systems, Information Extraction, Semantics, and Search to name a few, and to apply them to various domains such as SEO and healthcare.

6:00-6:30: Socialize
6:30-7:45: Follow along with the presentation
7:45-8:00 Questions

This event is in partnership with the Natural Language Processing Meetup Group.


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