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Data Science Dojo – Chicago, October 2016

Vang Xiong is a Data Analyst at When I Work.

  • This boot camp is set up in a way were anybody can come in and learn something. You’re going to get something out of it. They try to educate us and prep us ahead of time so by the time we get in we can just start rolling. I think this experience is more interactive just because of that it it’s a lot better. When I was taking the Coursera course, even though the videos were often very good and the materials were really good there just wasn’t that connection and so it was hard to understand it. This course kind of brought it all together for me from all the different things I’ve picked up along the way it just kind of glued it together and so far it’s been a great experience.

    Vang Xiong – When I Work


data science dojo reviews

Position: Data Analyst

Employer: When I Work

Cohort: Chicago, October 2016

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