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Data Science Dojo – Silicon Valley, April 2016

Srinivas Rao received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Communication, Journalism from The George Washington University.

  • My name is Srinivas Rao I am a software engineer at a company called NoRedInk. We do like grammar and writing education for K-12 students and yeah. So before I was software engineer I was a journalist for years and have been a software engineer for about four years now

    I think what really stood out was that Data Science Dojo seemed to care a lot more about the fundamentals and not teaching like specific tools or specific strategies, but instead just getting you started – like just enough that I can work on my own – just enough to be dangerous.

    Data Science Dojo has been tiring, it’s a lot of hours, but it’s been super rewarding. I’ve tried to pick up data science in the past and the problem i get is I get stuck or I don’t even know enough to know what questions to ask or to get help from the internet. I think I’ve passed that point now. Like I’m at a point now where I’m smart enough to ask questions on the internet and get real information from it

    I think to be successful here you need some level of programming experience would be helpful but not a ton i think a lot of people at the program this week hadn’t coded in 10-15 years and still got a lot out of the program. A lot of other boot camps have much longer time commitment and ask a lot more out of you and are more targeted toward people switching careers – or people right out of college, people who like are kind of betting everything on data science being their career.

    i think there was a good focus at Data Science Dojo on people who just want to learn this for the sake of learning it for the sake of applying it at their jobs but not people who need to learn every new tool and new strategy because they’re trying to impress interviewers or you know have the right buzz words on their LinkedIn. That’s not really the vibe at Data Science Dojo.

    I think Data Science Dojo would be good for you if you’re looking for a program that doesn’t get you a job but instead just like augments your skills and gives you some fundamentals so you can learn on your own and kind of hone those skills on your own.

    Srinivas Rao – NoRedInk


data science dojo reviews

Position: Engineering Manager

Employer: NoRedInk

Education: Bachelor’s degree – Political Communication, Journalism

Alma Mater: The George Washington University

Cohort: Silicon Valley, April 2016

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