Data Science Dojo Reviews | Peter Shih

Data Science Dojo – Toronto, September 2017

Peter Shih received his Honours Specialization in Biology from Western University.

  • I’ve been doing a lot of self studying, since I studied Biology so it’s a little outside of my major. And I personally use Data Camp. Doing a lot of self studying, you don’t get the same motivation and you don’t get the same insights that you get at Data Science Dojo where I found that there were key concepts that I knew theoretically, but I couldn’t piece two and two together which really makes a difference. I also found that working with the group of people here and working on problems together really helped.  I would recommend this bootcamp because it really taught me the skills I needed and allowed me to have the confidence to move forward and apply the data science technology.

    Peter Shih – The Hospital for Sick Children


data science dojo reviews

Position: Research Assistant

Employer: The Hospital for Sick Children

Education: Honours Specialization – Biology

Alma Mater: Western University

Cohort: Toronto, September 2017

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