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Data Science Dojo – Washington DC, October 2016

Michael Loehlein received his Master’s Degree in Applied Economics from The Johns Hopkins University.

  • Data Science Dojo is an amazing intro to data science. You can do the free stuff online but being able to have in person discussion on topics that may not be familiar or easily understood is worth the time and money. The five day format is a great length to learn enough to start but not to long as to make it difficult for a person to attend due to work and family obligation. The three instructors are friendly and want to help. I would recommend to anyone looking for an introduction to the topic.

    Michael Loehlein – Summit Consulting, LLC


data science dojo reviews

Position: Senior Consultant

Employer: Summit Consulting, LLC

Education: Master’s Degree – Applied Economics

Alma Mater: The Johns Hopkins University

Cohort: Washington DC, October 2016

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