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Data Science Dojo – Seattle, March 2016

Dr. Jenna Butler completed a PhD in Computer Science (Bioinformatics) from Western University.

  • Data Science Dojo was a great learning opportunity and a truly fun event. The instructors were open, facilitating dialogue and ensuring learning. It was the best run conference I have ever been to – from the great prep to the after-camp mentoring and office hours, from the learning materials provided down to the snacks at break – everything was top notch. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a very solid foundation in data science. It is intense and fast paced, but worthwhile and enjoyable.

    Jenna Butler – Microsoft


data science dojo reviews

Position: Software Engineer

Employer: Microsoft

Education: PhD in Computer Science – Bioinformatics

Alma Mater: Western University

Cohort: Seattle, March 2016

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