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Data Science Dojo – Washington DC, October 2017

Deep Patel is currently a student studying Computer Science.

  • I feel like I was definitely challenged, and at the beginning of the 5 days I was very scared, I’d say, because it was a lot of information and very fast.  But at the same time, when I kept getting the information, I felt like it didn’t stick but at the same time it did, and I was able to apply it right away.  The pre-bootcamp materials definitely helped me get ready because I had no prior experience with Python, R, anything with machine learning, or anything else.  Coming from something like Java and C++ and using R, I feel really good now.  Data Science Dojo was so much better, everything was way fluid; they gave everything I needed, you guys helped me out whenever I asked.  It was the perfect experience in what I would say for someone who hasn’t ever touched codes or anything, I think this was still an amazing experience.

    Deep Patel


data science dojo alumni

Position: Student

Education: Computer Science

Cohort: Washington DC, October 2017

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