Emily Paynter

As a complete beginner, I was a little nervous that I would be behind or lost. The information was presented in such a way that is accessible to everyone. I feel like I completed an entire semester course in only 5 days. This was a great bootcamp!

Andrew Donate

Excellent training! If you truly want to learn about data science and machine learning, this is the program to attend!

Albachir Dicko

Great camp!! Great camp! After the first couple days you’ll feel like you belong to a secret society (if you’re knew to data science/coding)!

Edwin Agbenyega

I appreciate how much effort was placed in making the resources available. All the teachers and assistants were very helpful and took time to address all the problems we had. It was also a very practical bootcamp since we got to participate in a kaggle datascience contest during the week. Overall, this was an awesome bootcamp!!

Robert Taylor

I attended the Data Science Dojo data science bootcamp in Albuquerque, NM in October 2019. This was an outstanding learning experience. I had previously completed an IBM data science certificate on coursera. However, I still struggled with concepts and applications. I signed up for the bootcamp with the hope of enhancing my skills and ability to apply the knowledge. I was not disappointed! The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, patient, engaging, and lively. I truly can not believe the breadth of knowledge and skills I have gained in just 1 week. I now know that, not only am I well versed in various algorithms, techniques, and metrics, but more importantly I KNOW HOW TO APPLY IT in the real world. How do I know this? Well, with what I’ve learned I’m already exploring, analyzing, and predicting with my own real world data from my laboratory. Things that I use to struggle through are now easily implemented and explored. If you’re thinking of signing up for a DS bootcamp, Data Science Dojo is the way to go! Great experience!

Oh…did I mentioned that this was an ACCREDITED certificate program in conjunction with the University of New Mexico!? This is the first ACCREDITED DS certificate from a bootcamp that I’m aware of.

You shouldn’t hesitate to sign up for a Data Science Dojo bootcamp. It will be an extremely rewarding experience!

Jing Feng

I had already taken some data science lessons online before the bootcamp, but I still found it very helpful. The instructors explained how things work, and made us think by asking many questions. The interactive aspect of the classroom was great.

Sarun Prabhat Luitel

I had taken ML and AI in Undergrad and looking at the curriculum made me wonder.. how can 2 semesters worth of class fit in 5 days? I’ll tell you .. you focus on theory and directly use off the shelf library and have learnt enough to command the parameters.