Zainab Al Lawati

It was the best training I’ve ever attended. The 5 days were packed with knowledge, great discussion, and hands-on experience. The learnings were also solidified by the additional exercises provided for practice. Despite the fast pace and the intensity, it was easy to follow and never boring :D

Chee Tong Leow

Very insightful course and actionable immediately after taking the course to start exploring my ML model.

Rockel Marquis

This training was an all around great experience. Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning are complex but this training was presented in a way that anyone with basic business or technical skills can easily understand and apply the concepts. The intent is not to send you home with a plug and play model – instead you leave with all the skills needed to build models that are applicable to any business problem that requires machine learning. The true magic of machine learning is understanding how to clean, transform and use data to build robust effective models – which is covered in depth in this course. You also leave the training with a comprehensive understanding of open source tools you can use immediately in any industry.

The instructors are all extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help students grasp the concepts and provide guidance on how to apply them to business needs.

Emily Paynter

As a complete beginner, I was a little nervous that I would be behind or lost. The information was presented in such a way that is accessible to everyone. I feel like I completed an entire semester course in only 5 days. This was a great bootcamp!

Andrew Donate

Excellent training! If you truly want to learn about data science and machine learning, this is the program to attend!

Albachir Dicko

Great camp! After the first couple days you’ll feel like you belong to a secret society (if you’re new to data science/coding)!

Edwin Agbenyega

I appreciate how much effort was placed in making the resources available. All the teachers and assistants were very helpful and took time to address all the problems we had. It was also a very practical bootcamp since we got to participate in a kaggle datascience contest during the week. Overall, this was an awesome bootcamp!!